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Water Softeners

Domestic & Business

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Water softeners are typically used to reduce the hardness of water by removal of calcium and magnesium salts particularly carbonates and bicarbonates.  Hard water is often associated with bore water and in some cases supplied water.  Hard water can cause the build-up of scale on water heating elements, the blocking of pipes and can cause problems with detergents and soaps.  Irrigation water that is high is hardness can lead to white stains on paths, buildings and other structures.

Water softeners use a resin to soften the water by exchanging calcium and magnesium with sodium.  Simple and effective, water softeners can be used for;

  • Irrigation
  • Industry
  • Car washes
  • Domestic water
  • Iron removal

The units can be single or twin vessels, large or small, and are extremely effective.  What you choose will depend upon on the volume of water you need, whether you store the softened water in a tank, or how often you need it.

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