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Pre & Post Filtration

Pre- and post-filtration plays a very important part in nearly all water treatment systems and at times it is not given the importance it deserves.  In some ways it could be viewed as insurance against poor performance, system failure, and unnecessary expense.  Pre-filtration & post filtration is most commonly seen in water treatments such as;

  • Reverse osmosis
  • UV disinfection
  • Under sink reverse osmosis
  • Coagulation/flocculation of water containing suspended solids and/or organic material
  • pH adjustment

There are many good examples of the importance of pre-filtration. One of these is UV disinfection which relies upon UV light passing through water as it passes through a glass tube. Pre-filtering of the water prior to UV treatment helps to ensure the glass remains clean and the microorganisms are exposed to the light. A dirty glass tube can mean you are drinking poorly treated water. Another is reverse osmosis desalination of bore water which relies upon clean water passing through membranes. Water containing undissolved material can block and eventually reduce the effectiveness of these membranes often leading to eventual replacement.

Do you have filters in your system, and are they doing what they should be doing? If you do have them, don’t forget to change them.

if you don’t have them then you might need to.  VWTS have a range of experience in ensuring appropriate pre- and post-filtration systems.

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