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Reverse Osmosis (desalination) – Large Units

There are 2 main types of reverse osmosis that are typically seen in homes and businesses for quite different reasons.  The larger units are mainly used to reduce the total dissolved salts or salinity of supplied water (often bore water).  The smaller units, often seen in homes, are usually used to remove chemicals from drinking water even though the supplied water is of good quality the preference is to remove chemicals to produce a purer water (link to  Reverse Osmosis (filtration) – Under Sink if you are interested in these smaller units)

We have installed and maintained a range of reverse osmosis units form home, irrigation and business.  The size and setup of a reverse osmosis system can vary greatly depending on the;

  • Quality of the source water
  • The volume you need
  • What you are going to use the water for.

Contact VWTS if you want more information on what unit suits your needs, or if you need help with what you have.

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We also perform Membrane Recovery  (Link to Reverse Osmosis Membrane Recovery) of systems and we usually stock a range of Recovered Membranes (Link to Reverse Osmosis – Re-claimed Membranes) at an economical price.

Reverse Osmosis (desalination)

In simple terms, reverse osmosis is a way of purifying water by passing it through a membrane whereby chemicals (ions, large molecules) are removed. The chemicals removed can be salts, it can be chemicals used to treat supplied/town water or it could be pesticides or herbicides. Reverse osmosis can be very effective. See diagram below.

The photo below is a 2-membrane system used to desalinate bore water with a high level of dissolved salts. This system produces water for household consumption and for irrigation.

2 Membrane Board Mount

Larger membrane units usually using bore water as its source are often used for;

  • Household use
  • Irrigation
  • Pools
  • Car washes

Call VWTS on 0467 958 770 or email via our CONTACT PAGE (Link to CONTACT US)

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