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Bore Pump – Production Volume Reduced


The output from the bore pump has decreased (this is probably the most common problem that is found)

Water Supply

Bore water


The bore system was checked against manufacturers specifications.

Outcome (4 Cases)

  1. The equipment used suggested that the motor was contributing to the lower output.  The bore pump was lifted and further checks undertaken.  The motor was found to be faulty and was replaced.
  2. Fortunately the equipment used suggested that the motor was ok.  The bore pump was lifted and a hole in the pipe was found.  The pipe was re-fitted and the bore pump replaced.  Note:  In many cases a hole in the pipe would normally lead to no output but in this case the pump motor was powerful and still managed to produce an output (a costly fault – electricity is not cheap!).
  3. As above, the motor tested ok.  The bore pump was lifted and found to be heavily contaminated with solid material.  The wet end was particularly bad.  The bore and equipment were chemically treated to lift production amounts.  Ongoing monitoring and regular checks would be required.
  4. The output of the bore pump had decreased but was not so low as to suggest a major problem.  Historically this bore had iron contamination and therefore the bore was chemically treated to lift production.  Regular treating of the bore continued to ensure acceptable production volumes and lower running costs.

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