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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Recovery

We have extensive experience in recovering membranes in on-site and off-site situations from car washes to domestic/irrigation units.  It is important to note that not all membranes can be recovered but a lot can.  Off-site we have a methodology to recover membranes in a range of conditions.

We can;

  • Supply new membranes
  • Provide a recovery service for your existing membranes (this way you have spares if you need them)
  • Depending on your needs we can supply recovered membranes
  • Provide an on-site recovery service

Contact VWTS to discuss options for your system (Link to CONTACT US).  We will offer you advice on what is possible.

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Membrane Recovery

It is only natural that over time the membrane will be coated in a range of contaminants largely from the water source.  Some of these contaminants can be removed and some can’t.  Unfortunately, if the pre-filtration or chemical dosing prior to reverse osmosis is lacking then it is likely that after a period of the time the performance of the membranes will drop.  This again highlights the importance of pre-treatment and to maintaining this treatment.

In the off-site recovery process, we put them through a cleaning process that will range in time from days to weeks reflecting the initial condition of the membrane.  The cleaning process is achieved by using a range of chemicals that have been found to provide an acceptable outcome.

On-site recovery follows a similar methodology but the process will reflect the availability and accessibility of the reverse osmosis system.  Our experience in an on-site recovery of a domestic/irrigation system was achieved with the benefit of tank storage that allowed the system to be off-line for a period of time.  Restriction on access to the reverse osmosis system, that is being off-line, can have an impact on the outcome and maybe on-site recovery may not be a good choice.

Before you replace those membranes, contact VWTS and we can help discuss what service is appropriate to your system.  In the long run it can only lead to cost savings.

Call VWTS on 0467 958 770 or email via our CONTACT PAGE (Link to CONTACT US)

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