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Our Services

Based on technical & hands on experience we will provide comprehensive service over a wide range of water treatment processes.  What we provide will be supported and explainable in easy, plain English.  It will be thorough and you will be consulted and involved in the outcome.  Our aim is to;

  • Understand what you want
  • Provide options to address your needs
  • Explain the solution, if we can’t explain it, we won’t sell it
  • Provide estimates of what solutions or options cost
  • Will tell you if we can’t help, and if possible, refer you to others who may
  • Create an ongoing long-lasting relationship with our customers

If at any time you want to contact VWTS, then go to CONTACT US or call us on 0467 958 770.

Follow the Service Links below.

Water Testing & Analysis

Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection

Water Softeners

Reverse Osmosis (desalination) – Large Units

Reverse Osmosis (filtration) – Under Sink

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Recovery

Reverse Osmosis – Re-claimed Membranes

Bore Pump Installation

Bore Pump, Faults_& Replacement

Bore Treatment/Bore Recovery

Chemical Dosing

Copper Corrosion Correction


Iron Removal

Iron Stain Removal

Water Treatment Equipment

Equipment Maintenance & Servicing

Water Test Kits & Testing Equipment

Pre- & Post Filtration

Hard Water Softening/Iron Removal – See Water Softeners