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UV Disinfection

Domestic and Business

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UV light is one of most popular methods of treating rain water prior to use or consumption.  Often the reason for using it is people have had illnesses because of poor water quality.  Subsequent tests on the water reveal levels of bacteria/microorganisms which explains the ill health.

UV is somewhat unique as many people use it as their only method of disinfection involving no other chemicals.  There are many other methods of disinfecting water with the majority requiring chemical dosing.  Consequently, UV has several advantages over other methods such as;

  • No chemical residues
  • No effect on taste
  • No dosing pump or chemicals required
  • Less maintenance
  • Less can go wrong
  • Over-dosing is not considered to be a problem

It should be noted that depending on the water and its use, other methods of disinfection should be considered and the benefits that they bring.  The reality is that most people use UV disinfection with rainwater tanks as their only water treatment.

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