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Bores, Bore Pumps

Irrigation, Consumption and Business

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Bores are quite common throughout the country and surprisingly the metropolitan area.  They can vary in depth, the quality of the water and the pumps/systems used to lift the water from the aquifer.  Whether the bore water is treated or not will depend upon what it is to be used for and its quality.  Generally if the bore water is intended for human consumption then it is likely to require treatment.

In the country & metropolitan areas it can be used for;

  • Household consumption
  • Irrigation
  • Dam water
  • Businesses (e.g. car washes)
  • Urban development
  • Swimming Pools

Bore water extraction pumps and systems can vary depending on the volume required, the location of the bore and what the water is required for.  It is important to ensure that bore pumps and systems are correctly fitted to your needs and correctly installed.  Bore pumps can require regular maintenance depending on the quality of the water or their environment.  Pumps destroyed by electrolysis are not uncommon and the manufacturer will generally not replace them.

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