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Water Test Kits & Water Test Equipment

Virtually all water treatment systems require something to be measured with the most common being water hardness, total dissolved salts and pH.  Additional testing may be required depending on your system and or your water source.

VWST can provide a wide range of test kits, replacement solutions and test equipment to meet your needs.

Test kits such as;

  • Water Hardness
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • pH

Test kits, by definition, rely upon chemicals to carry out the test.  In the majority of cases the chemicals are supplied as a solution and many of these will have an expiry date and will become unreliable (the result you get will not be accurate).  Test kit solutions are affected by the environment and if kept in an inappropriate location the solution will deteriorate and expire long before the expiry date.  It is a very good idea to check your test kit and if needed VWTS can help you replace your chemicals.

Test Meters such as;

  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Total Dissolved Salts

Test meters are an easy and accurate way of checking the quality of your water. However, a test meter at a point in time will need to be checked and possibly calibrated to ensure its accuracy. All businesses that use test meters will have a calibration and checking program to ensure that the meters are reading correctly. If you are using a meter then you need to think about how you are using it and what checks that you need to do.

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