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Bore Treatment/Bore Recovery

In many environments the performance of a bore will gradually decrease leading to possible failure and a likely higher running cost.  VWTS can provide a treatment process that in some cases has led to a 20% increase in volume output.  The treatment offered will depend upon your setup and the current condition of the bore and bore pump.  It is important to understand that bore treatment can not only improve your bore but it can also help your other equipment.  The solids (often iron oxide) that can reduce the performance of your bore pump can have an impact on;

  • Irrigation fittings
  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Water Softeners

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About Bore Treatment/Bore Recovery

Groundwater sources will typically contain iron and in many cases this iron will oxidise to form a rust coloured solid that can cause issues such as;

  • Encrusting and blocking of bore screens
  • Reduce bore yield and efficiency
  • Contribute to bore pump failure
  • Staining (See Iron Stain Removal)
  • Deposits in pipes, tanks and equipment

An example of the oxidised iron can be seen in the photos below. This bore had to be replaced.

Seized bore motor & wet end
Oxidized Iron

Bore Treatment

Bores that have large amounts of deposits that are reducing the efficiency and output can undergo a cleaning program to remove these deposits.  A program to clean the bore can lead to;

  • Increased output
  • Electrical power savings
  • Longer bore pump life

Severe Blockages

In some cases the output of the bore can be so blocked by solid deposits that a more severe treatment is required.  In these cases successful recovery of the bore was obtained by blowing the bore to free the majority of the sold.  It is strongly recommended that once the bore is blown it should then undergo chemical treatment to further improve its efficiency.

It is likely that a regular treatment of the bore would help negate the need for such a severe remedy, also an expensive one.


It is recommended that a bore undergo an annual treatment program where iron and other deposits are likely to occur.  The preferred method is to recycle the bore with the chemical with regular checks.  A recent bore treatment lifted the output of the bore by 20%

On-site Chemical Clean

Normally you don’t see the effect of treatment chemical on a bore when it is in place.  The photo below shows a wet end being treated with the chemical.  In this case the bore motor section had failed and the wet end was blocked and not turning freely.  Chemical treatment of the wet end cleared the solid material and allowed the wet end to work efficiently.  A new motor replaced the failed motor and together with original wet end they were placed in position.

Wet End Clean Complete

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