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Bore Pump Installation

VWTS offers quality installation of bore pump systems to suit a range of customer needs.  From single phase to 3 phase, from small units to large units, we have enough experience to provide a range of options.  We use quality equipment, fittings and can provide a maintenance program to ensure your systems performance.  In some environments your pump will fail prematurely, in some environments the volume of production will drop and potentially contribute to pump failure.  How do we know – because this is what we have seen.

Bore Pump Installation

VWST has gained a vast amount of experience from installing new bore pumps, fault finding bore pumps and replacement of failed bore pumps. We have seen installations that are just not right, are just not safe, and will eventually cost the owner more to run.

What you need is;

  • A quality motor and wet end that is supported by the manufacturer
  • An understanding of the environment that the bore pump must operate in
  • A bore pump system to meet your expectations
  • An understanding of the water table/water availability
  • To consider what protection is in place to protect the operation of the bore pump
  • To not have to worry about your system

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