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Red Staining (Iron Oxide) Irrigation


Red stains can be seen on rendered white walls, concrete pillars and in other areas of the garden

Water Supply

Bore water


In 2 of the cases the water treatment process was thoroughly checked to identify the cause of the red stain.

In the 3rd case there was no water treatment process and bore water fed directly to the irrigation system.

Even though the problems observed are typical of bore water, in all cases a test for iron was carried out.

Outcome (3 cases)

  1. Chemical dosing was used in this property to treat iron from the bore water.  Though the chemical dosing of the bore water had on occasion stopped, it was likely that the very bad staining was due to neglect over many years while the fainter staining was more recent.  These fainter red stains may have been caused by incorrect chemical dosing.  The stains were treated and removed chemically.   The dosing pump was checked to ensure that it was performing as required.
  2. The current setup for removing the iron was robust and it was likely that the stains occurred prior to the current method of water treatment.  The stains were chemically treated and removed and the various areas checked on subsequent visits.
  3. No water treatment was in place to reduce the likelihood of red stains on paths, walls and buildings.  In most cases the red stains can be removed though consideration must be given to the material under the stain.  Removing or reducing the iron is the key to minimising future red stains as without treatment the stains would return.  In this regard, a number of options were offered to the customer.

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