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Reverse Osmosis – Car Wash


The output of the reverse osmosis system has dropped compromising production of water for the car wash.  It is important to note that the requirements of reverse osmosis water for a car wash is much greater than water for domestic use.

Water Supply

Bore water


The age and service of the existing membranes was discussed along with the quality of the bore water.  Checks of the existing pre-filters, water pre-treatment and chemical dosing were undertaken.

Outcome (3 different cases)

  1. The membranes were in such a poor condition that chemical recovery would not have guaranteed optimum performance over a sustained period of operation.  The poor condition of the membranes was largely attributed to their length of service.  To ensure that the supply water was not switched to the more expensive Melbourne water the membranes were replaced.
  2. In this case the membrane performance was compromised by the poor pre-filtration of the bore water.  The 3 pre-filter cartridges were replaced and upon examination were found to contain silt from the bore.  Though the cartridges were likely to have removed the bulk of the silt an additional filter was installed to ensure that the silt could be removed to minimise damage to the membranes.
  3. In this case chemical treatment was chosen to improve the performance of the membranes.  This was chosen as a less expensive way of improving the output especially due to the size of the system and the cost of replacing all the membranes.

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