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Reverse Osmosis – House & Irrigation


The output of the reverse osmosis system has dropped compromising production of water for domestic and irrigation use.

Water Supply

Bore water


The system was thoroughly checked.


  1. Two faults were found with the chemical dosing process.  Though failure of the chemical dosing pump was a main contributor, neglect to maintain chemical dosing over a sustained period also increased the failure of the membranes.  Together with the service life of the membranes, the quality of the source bore water and the compromised chemical dosing the membranes were replaced.  This was a very good example of how not maintaining equipment or dosing can produce an unnecessary cost.
  2. In this case the membranes were chemically treated to improve output.  This was undertaken due to the age of the membranes and the ease of undertaking the task.  The method and chemicals used yielded an impressive 80% increase in volume.

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