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Water Softener not producing Soft Water


The water softener is not producing soft water.

Water Supply

Bore water


The system was checked to identify the fault.


  1. The resin in the softener was sufficiently contaminated such that it was not able to allow 100% ion exchange.  This is not uncommon in systems using bore water with high levels of iron.  Neglect from in-frequent servicing contributed to the outcome.  The resin was replaced and the system re-started.
  2. The valve control was failing leading to production of harder water than normal.  The valve and other parts were replaced.
  3. Water softeners are based on ion exchange and therefore re-charging of the resin is required.  In this case re-charging was not occurring correctly and rectification was required.
  4. In this case the electronics had failed and replacement was required.  Replacement required re-programming and commissioning of the equipment.

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