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Water Treatment Equipment – Iron Oxide


Water treatment equipment and irrigation fittings becoming blocked and not working.

Water Supply

Bore water


Even though the problems observed are typical of bore water, a water test was carried out confirming the presence of iron

Outcome (2 cases)

  1. In this case the pre-water treatment had not been operational for a period of time and not surprisingly when turned on the system failed.  The iron present in the bore water had formed a solid throughout the fittings rendering them inoperable.  The system was disassembled, cleaned and faulty parts replaced.  The system was re-started and worked as expected.  It was extremely likely that iron would have caused issues with the existing membranes and would need to be removed to ensure the system performed as designed.
  2. In this case a water treatment process would be required to ensure that irrigation fittings would not continue to be blocked.  The system installed reduced the iron and allowed the irrigation to perform without further issues.

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